Tournament Ubers UU Kickoff - Round One [289.92$ prizepool currently]

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act, we scheduled for saturday and he didnt show up (instead showed up another day at another time)
i think me and my opponent have talked away from each other and fucked up with the times so i dont know if we will battle thi out i think he#s offline


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Calling act opponent hasn't reponded back to my message
Requesting Act. TZ confusion led to issues with the originally scheduled time and opponent made no notable effort to reschedule for the weekend despite multiple requests.Screenshot_20231210_164424_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20231210_164439_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20231210_164451_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20231210_164500_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20231210_164508_Chrome.jpg
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